Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Students Speak: Suspensions

Words from the mouths of my students, on the topic of suspensions, and dealing with misbehavior in schools:

"Like me myself, I've been through suspension 2 times, and I didn't like it.  But I did things before thinking, so take this from me - getting suspended doesn't make you look cool it makes you look dumb. While you could be in the classroom learning a thing or two, your ass is at another site, looking stupid, not learning anything at all, just wasting your time."

"A student only misbehaves when they want attention, or have some serious issues at home, or just want to be seen."

"A student may feel unloved because they don't get it at home or they are getting bullied and they have so much anger in them that it makes them want to fight."

"Teachers and principals should think twice before suspending a student - like for example see why they are behaving this way or maybe look at the situation before suspending them to see who's the real victim."

"I feel like suspension works because when I get suspended, I learn not to do stupid things any more.  When you suspended you don't learn the same as when you're in school, and your grades drop."

" Suspension changes peoples attitude and the way they respect their teacher and the school rules."

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