Friday, February 5, 2010


One of my top students - very smart, confident, ambitious, outgoing and popular, emailed me the message below. She is one of the most literate students that we have, and yet communicates with her friends and, apparently, me, using this version of English far more often than she does proper English.

Hey ms i wnted to noe if u cudd help me cus I went to ma grandmas
house and she was yelling at me cus jasha the girl i had a problem
wiff frm 6 grade told her mom im kept on bothering her.idnt even look
or tlk to her. But i noe why shes lying cus elzabeth wanted to fight
her because jasha was callin her a lesbian so since elizabteh is ma
friend she told her mom to tell ma aunt im bothering her so i cudd
tell elizabeth to stop . This gets meh so angry cus now that im not in
drama dey putting me in drama ughhh and dey think i did bother her
like omg can u please call and say that ive been out of trouble and
doing better please cus dey think im really bothering the girl and im
soo upsett

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