Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oscar's Poems

Last year one of my students was in love with a girl. She ultimately dated his best friend instead of him, but he worshipped her and still carries the love poems that he wrote to her around in his backpack. He showed me these the other day:


How sorry can a person be?
To make you see
I made a mistake
But my love isn’t fake

When I did what I did I was glad
But now all I am is mad

What I did was wrong
I hope your sadness doesn’t last long
I know that the letter I wrote was fake
But happiness is what I will now make.

I wish to see you smile again.
I wish you would forgive me and be my friend.

I’m sorry.

Golden Girl

I think and I think
Does she know I exist
Or, should I take her off my list
I cry myself to sleep
Once she stabbed my deep

I don’t know what to say
Should I say a baybay?
She is fine and sweet
I just wish we could meet

I just wish she loved me like I love her
If she did I would buy her everything of fur

She’s Gone

I’m singing this song because she’s gone, I’m in my room staring at the moon, the last words I heard were sorry good bye, I didn’t say a word I was just shy. When I saw her walk away I didn’t know what to say. In a second she was gone, that’s the reason for this song. Please come home I’m all alone, and if you hear me remember I love you so much. Please give me your email so we can keep in touch. And if you come around please stop by, you know I’m suffering, good night and good bye.

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